The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London: 1801 to 1825

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Page 222 - A Dictionary of Practical Medicine : Comprising General Pathology, the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Morbid Structures, and the Disorders especially...
Page 76 - The idea being given, to find the word, or words, by which that idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed. For this purpose, the words and phrases of the language are here classed, not according to their sound or their orthography, but strictly according to their signification.
Page 243 - An Essay on Indigestion or Morbid Sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels as the proximate cause or characteristic condition of Dyspepsy, Nervous Irritability, Mental Despondency, Hypochondriasis, and many other ailments of Body and Mind.
Page 128 - A TREATISE on DIET; with a view to establish, on practical grounds, a System of Rules for the Prevention and Cure of the Diseases incident to a disordered state of the Digestive Functions. By JA PARIS, MDFRS Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, ice.
Page 337 - His Royal Highness the DUKE of SUSSEX. His Royal Highness the DUKE of CAMBRIDGE. His Royal Highness the DUKE of GLOUCESTER, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.
Page 181 - A Geological Essay on the Imperfect Evidence in Support of a Theory of the Earth, deducible either from its General Structure or from the Changes produced on its Surface by the operation of Existing Causes.
Page 113 - Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 111 - An Inquiry into the Nature and Treatment of Gravel, Calculus, and other diseases connected with a deranged operation of the urinary organs. By Wm.
Page 228 - CICERO'S LIFE AND TIMES. His Character as a Statesman, Orator, and Friend, with a Selection from his Correspondence and Orations. By WILLIAM FORSYTH, MP With Illustrations. 8vo. 10s. 6d. CLARK'S (SiR JAMES) Memoir of Dr. John Conolly. Comprising a Sketch of the Treatment of the Insane in Europe and America.
Page 336 - His Royal Highness the Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, the...