The Romance of Travel: Comprising Adventures in Foreign Countries, and Descriptions of Manners, Customs, and Places

H. C. Peck & Theo. Bliss, 1854 - 299 páginas

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Página 88 - The world was void: The populous and the powerful was a lump, Seasonless, herbless, treeless, manless, lifeless; A lump of death, a chaos of hard clay. The rivers, lakes and ocean, all stood still, And nothing stirred within their silent depths. Ships, sailorless, lay rotting on the sea, And their masts fell down piecemeal: as they dropped They slept on the abyss, without a surge ; The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave; The moon, their mistress, had expired before; The winds were withered...
Página 183 - Olympian games or Pythian fields ; 530 Part curb their fiery steeds, or shun the goal With rapid wheels, or fronted brigades form. As when to warn proud cities, war appears Waged in the troubled sky, and armies rush To battle in the clouds, before each van Prick forth the airy knights, and couch their spears Till thickest legions close ; with feats of arms From either end of Heaven the welkin burns.
Página 180 - Placed far amid the melancholy main, (Whether it be lone fancy him beguiles ; Or that aerial beings sometimes deign To stand embodied, to our senses plain) Sees on the naked hill, or valley low, The whilst in ocean Phoebus dips his wain, A vast assembly moving to and fro: Then all at once in air dissolves the wondrous show.
Página 142 - I would speak in behalf of one who has none else to help her; and I will not keep you long. Much has been said ; much on the sacred nature of the obligation — and we acknowledge it in its full force. Let it be fulfilled, and to the last letter. It is what we solicit, what we require.
Página 136 - A mountain-stream ran through the garden ; and at no great distance, where the road turned on its way to Bologna, stood a little chapel, in which a lamp was always burning before a picture of the Virgin, a picture of great antiquity, the work of some Greek artist. Here she was dwelling, respected by all who knew her; when an event took place, which threw her into the deepest affliction. It was at noon-day in September that three foot-travellers arrived, and, seating themselves on a bench under her...
Página 187 - ... places they had been accustomed to visit ; such as the Bay, the Old Head, or Man, the Windmill, &c. at Boulogne; St. Vallery, and other places on the coast of Picardy, which they afterwards confirmed, when they viewed them through their telescopes. Their observations were, that the places appeared as near as if they were sailing, at a small distance, into the harbours.
Página 92 - ... the chase ; while they, in a manner really not unlike that of the hare, doubled more than once upon their pursuer. But it was soon too plainly to be seen that the strength and confidence of the Flyingfish were fast ebbing.
Página 105 - Sometimes, at the very instant the bait is cast over the stern, the shark flies at it with such eagerness, that he actually springs partially out of the water. This, however, is rare. On these occasions he gorges the bait, the hook, and a foot or two of the chain, without any mastication or delay, and darts off with his treacherous prize with such prodigious velocity and force, that it makes the rope crack again as soon as the whole coil is drawn out.
Página 138 - ... news of the day ; the gold to be delivered when applied for, but to be delivered (these were the words) not to one — nor to two — but to the three ; words wisely introduced by those to whom it belonged, knowing what they knew of each other. The gold they had just released from a miser's chest in Perugia ; and they were now on a scent that promised more. They and their shadows were no sooner departed, than the Venetian returned, saying, " Give me leave to set my seal on the bag, as the others...
Página 138 - Calderino to plead for us on the day of trial. He is generous, and will listen to the unfortunate. But if he will not, go from door to door; Monaldi cannot refuse us. Make haste, my child; but remember the chapel as you by it. Nothing prospers without a prayer.

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