The Royal Treasury of England: Or, An Historical Account of All Taxes, Under what Denomination Soever, from the Conquest to this Present Year

T. Tebb, and J. Wilcox, 1725 - 372 ページ

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306 ページ - ... Liveries, and Tenures in capite and by Knights Service, and Purveyance, and for settling a Revenue upon His Majesty in lieu thereof...
261 ページ - ... a convenient stock of flax, hemp, wool, thread, iron, and other necessary ware and stuff to set the poor on work, and also competent sums of money for and towards the necessary relief of the lame, impotent, old, blind, and such other among them being poor and not able to work...
264 ページ - England, the imperial crown thereof did by " inherent birthright, and lawful and undoubted fucceflion, " defcend and come to his moft excellent majefty, as being *' lineally, juftly, and lawfully, next and fole heir of the
266 ページ - Be it enacted that three whole Fifteenths and Tenths shall be paid, taken, and levied of the moveable goods, chattels, and other things usual to such Fifteenths and Tenths to be contributory and chargeable within the shires, cities, boroughs, towns, and other places of this your Majesty's realm, in manner and form aforetime used;.
206 ページ - that my bill will not pass, but I will have it pass, or I will have some of your heads,' and without other rhetoric or persuasion returned to his chamber.
258 ページ - ... as well for the finding, sustentation, and relief of the maimed, poor, needy, or impotent people, as to set the poor to work, to have continuance for ever, and from time to time to place therein such head and members and such number of poor as to him his heirs and assigns shall seem convenient...
98 ページ - that no tallage or aid shall be taken or levied, by us or our heirs, in our realm, without the good will and assent of archbishops, bishops, earls, barons, knights, burgesses, and other freemen of the land.
206 ページ - Clergy of that time mingled with ** infatiable avarice, facked, and razed, as by an ** enemy. It is true the Parliament did give ** them to him, but fo unwillingly, (as I have " heard,) that when the bill had ftuck long in " the Lower Houfe, and could get no...
244 ページ - ... and do renounce the same with this mind and purpose, — that order and disposition thereof may be taken as shall seem best liking to our most holy lord the pope, or else his legate the lord cardinal, to the honour of God, and wealth of this our realm.
207 ページ - ... hospitals, and other places specified in a certain act, firmly trusting that I will order them to the glory of God and the profit of the common wealth.