The Spectator, Svazek 4

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George Gregory Smith
J.M. Dent & Company, 1898
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Strana 200 - to descry new Lands, Rivers or Mountains on her spotted Globe, His Spear to equal which the tallest pine Hewn on Norwegian Hills to be the Mast Of some great Ammirai, were but a wand He walk'd with to support uneasy Steps Over the burning Marl -His pondrous Shield To which we may add his Call to the fallen
Strana 198 - all our woe, With loss of Eden, 'till one greater Man Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat, Sing Heav'nly Muse These Lines are perhaps as plain, simple and un/ adorned as any of the whole Poem, in which Particular the Author has
Strana 282 - of Discord celebrated by Longinus, or to that of Fame in Virgil, who are both represented with their Feet] standing upon the Earth, and their Heads reaching above the Clouds, While thus he spake, th' Angelic Squadron bright Turn'd fiery red, sharpning in mooned Horns Their Phalanx, and began to hem him round With ported Spears,
Strana 227 - when to meet the Noise Of his almighty Engine he shall hear Infernal^ Thunder, and for Lightning see Black fire and horror shot with equal rage Among his Angels / and his Throne it self Mixt with Tartarean Sulphur, and strange Fire, His own invented Torments His preferring Annihilation to Shame or Misery, is also highly suitable to his Character
Strana 201 - they bend From wing to wing, and half enclose him round With all his Peers ; Attention held them mute, Thrice he assay'd, and thrice in spite of Scorn Tears such as Angels weep, burst forth He
Strana 284 - O thou for whom And from whom I was form'd, Flesh of thy Flesh, And without whom am to no end, my Guide And Head, what thou hast said is just and right, For we to him indeed all Praises owe. And daily Thanks, I chiefly who enjoy So far the happier Lot, enjoying thee Preeminent by so much odds
Strana 146 - Chapter of Genesis, And all the Days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty Years> and he died/ and all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve Years> and he died / and all the Days
Strana 230 - in the following Lines, Others with vast Typhaean Rage more fell Rend up both Rocks and Hills and ride the Air In Whirlwind} Hell scarce holds the wild uproar, Their Musick is employed in celebrating their own criminal Exploits, and their Discourse in
Strana 203 - Pandaemonium / Anon out of the Earth a Fabrick huge Rose like an Exhalation, with the Sound Of dulcet Symphonies and Voices sweet The artificial Illuminations made in it -From the arched Roof Pendent by subtle
Strana 203 - and to confirm his Words out flew Millions of flaming Swords, drawn from the Thighs Of mighty Cherubim} the sudden Blaze Far round illumin'd Hell, The sudden Production of the Pandaemonium / Anon out of the Earth a

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