The Search for God's Own Heart: How Imperfect People Can Find the Most Treasured Title of All

Experience Israel Now, Incorporated, 2016 - 192 pàgines
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What if it was possible for God to call you someone who was "after His own heart?"The Bible calls him "a man after God's own heart." History calls him Israel's greatest king. But no one called him perfect.With a track record that included adultery, murder, and atrocious parenting skills, David had as many faults as any of us. He struggled with lust, insecurities and fear. He wrote incredible songs of praise even as he violated clear commands of Scripture.Still, David was given one of the most amazing titles the Bible would give anyone. He was "a man after God's own heart!" This is good news for us. The Bible's very clear message is that it's possible to be a man or woman after God's own heart. Anyone can find a life-changing relationship with God, no matter how flawed the past. No matter the shame, hard consequences or pain, if David could pull this off, so can we!The key is in the search.And surprisingly, not everyone in these famous stories is searching for God. David is surrounded by some of the Bible's most famous characters, including Samuel, Saul, David, Jonathan and Eli. Some of them would have been called people after God's own heart ... but many would not.By the time best-selling author Andy Cook unwinds his intriguing look at these men and women, the clues of how we can find "the most treasured title of all" are obvious. So join the search. God Himself is offering the invitation!

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Andy Cook is the founder of Experience Israel Now, Inc., a non-profit ministry that seeks to bring the life-changing lessons of the Bible to audiences everywhere.

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