The Season

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Xlibris, Jul 27, 2012 - 192 pages

Sit back and enjoy Arirang Symphony Orchestra Folk music as you read this book! I am best known as Bridget Turner although some of my lifelong friends and family still call me Hilda. I am a long time resident of Orlando, Florida. I am retired and I enjoy spending time with my family. One of my philosophies in life is …. “You will never get the puzzle to fi t, if you don’t fi gure it out fi rst” After many years of research, I am fi nally able to fi gure out who I am and how I became the person that I am. At last, I was able to put the pieces together. As a two year old abandoned child, many things were never told to me by my biological parents. Being raised by loving grandparents could only keep me secure for a little while; however my love for family would open many doors to History and Mystery! Some Information was retrieved from South Carolina Death Records 1821-1955 Greenville County, SC for Family Documents By: H.B. Lomax Turner

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Ms. Turner,
You will have much more success with sales of this book if you make a preview available and also make this book available for e-book. Many people now days prefer to read books from their
phones, tablets, kindles or iPads. This will also allow you to reach a broader audience much quicker.
Peace and love :)

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I have read storeis like this before, only written better.
The premise of this novel is not new: Mother goes to work - tells children she will return later with ice cream - leaves her children with
her Mother to raise - returns 10 years later to attend Mother's funeral - and of course, does not have ice cream.
I can appreciate the story of a child abandoned and the resentment towards the Mother who abandoned her...I get it! However, the confusion for me is the 190+ pages of disdain and hatred they seem to share for one another, and the one paragraph where there "appears" to have been healing and resolution, but no elaboration.
An epilogue would have been more appropriate for summarizing the numerous events she "lumped together" in the final chapter.
I would like to have read more about the author's move in 1976 from Florida to Texas (when she too, did not tell anyone where she was going) and her return to her Mother's funeral. Why did she leave? Is there a cycle here that needs to be broken?
The chapters were short, choppy, and riddled with grammatically errors. The timelines were confusing, as well.
In chapter 24, the author thanks various individuals. Shouldn't this have been in her acknowledgements?
Good first effort on Ms. Turner's part, however as a College Professor, I feel the editor did not do this book justice
J. Blue
Jacksonville, FL

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