The Shakespearean International Yearbook: Volume 8: Special section, European Shakespeares

Routledge, 15 de maig 2017 - 310 pàgines
This eighth volume of The Shakespearean International Yearbook presents a special section on 'European Shakespeares', proceeding from the claim that Shakespeare's literary craft was not just native English or British, but was filtered and fashioned through a Renaissance awareness that needs to be recognized as European, and that has had effects and afterlives across the Continent. Guest editors Ton Hoenselaars and Clara Calvo have constructed this section to highlight both how the spread of 'Shakespeare' throughout Europe has brought together the energies of a wide variety of European cultures across several centuries, and how the inclusion of Shakespeare in European culture has been not only a European but also a world affair. The Shakespearean International Yearbook continues to provide an annual survey of important issues and developments in contemporary Shakespeare studies. Contributors to this issue come from the US and the UK, Spain, Switzerland and South Africa, Canada, The Netherlands, India, Portugal, Greece, France, and Hungary. In addition to the section on European Shakespeares, this volume includes essays on the genre of romance, issues of character, and other topics.

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Shakespeare and Graduation in mid
Henry V and the AngloGreek Alliance in World War II
From the Unfamiliar to
Peter Brooks European
The BBC and ShakespeareReTold 2005
The AntiAmericanism of EU Shakespeare
Shakespeare and France in the European Mirror
The Shakespearean Character as Evaluator
Toward a Structural Theory
Cultural Memory in As You Like
Lessons from
Brontosaurus Bloom and the
Notes on Contributors

Sexuality in Renaissance Discourses and Shakespeares Plays

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Graham Bradshaw is based at Chuo University, Japan. Tom Bishop is based at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Ton Hoenselaars is based at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands and Clara Calvo is based at the University of Murcia, Spain.

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