The Shape and Form of Terror

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America Star Books, 2008 - Poetry - 100 pages
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The Shape and Form of Terror is a poetry book that talks about the reality of life. The focus of the book is mainly about different shapes and forms of terror. It means the aWar on Terror, a as President Bush put it, isnat the only war we have to worry about. For instance, we still have the victims of Katrina, homelessness, poverty, lack of jobs, use and sale of drugs, the gas prices, murderers, rapists, and so much more in our country to worry about. The Shape and Form of Terror talks about all of these things and provides answers on how we can overcome the terror. I have written poems like aIndescribable, a in which I say: It is hard to describe what happened on nine eleven The horrible screams and the fears The broken dreams and the sad tears As a matter of fact, the heartache and pain In my perspective, I think thatas how the world felt on 9/11. However, weare still suffering as we wait on the President to get the people responsible for such terror in our part of the world. Lord, please give me the strength to be stronger I would like to see countries working together No man fighting and killing for power A little peace of mind would make things better The above quote is from another poem called aDreamera in which Iam pleading for unity and working together. The Shape and Form of Terror holds something for everyone. It brings joy in my heart for writing what so many want to hear.

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