The Sheffield Directory and Guide: Containing a History of the Town ... Including the Neighbouring Towns & Villages [etc.]


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Pàgina xxxiii - Norfolk the sword of state to carry before him to 684 the chapel : and he stood at the door. Upon which the king said to him, My lord, your father would have gone further : to which the duke answered, Your majesty's father was the better man, and he would not have gone so far.
Pàgina lvi - A scene sequester'd from the haunts of men, The loveliest nook of all that lovely glen, Where weary pilgrims found their last repose : The little heaps were ranged in comely rows, With walks between, by friends and kindred trod, Who dress'd with duteous hands each hallow'd sod : No sculptured monument...
Pàgina 188 - Weston and Young, 6, Wellington Street, Borough. Whitmore, Wells, and Whitmore, 24, Lombard Street. Williams, Deacon, Labouchere, and Co., 20, Birchin I.ane.
Pàgina xxxv - The Most High, Mighty, and Most Potent Prince, CHARLES HOWARD Duke of NORFOLK ! Earl Marshal ! And Hereditary Earl Marshal of England ! Earl of Arundel Castle ! Earl of Surrey ! Earl of Norfolk ! Earl of Norwich ! Baron of Mowbray ! Baron of Howard ! Baron of Segrave ! Baron of...
Pàgina xliii - ... out of the stone, and looked its parent in the face ! — to know his joy, a man must have been such a parent. The throes and anguish, however, of that first birth of his genius in marble, enabled that genius thenceforward, with comparative ease, to give being and body to its mightiest conceptions. "Were I a rich man, who could purchase the costly labours of such a master, I almost think that I could forego the pride of possessing the most successful effort of his later hand, for the noble pleasure...
Pàgina xxiv - Manton, to hold to him and his heirs in capite by the service of a tenth part of a knight's fee, and by the royal service of finding the king a right-hand glove at his coronation, and supporting the royal arm so long as the sceptre should be held, and at the yearly rent of £23.
Pàgina xlii - In the original design were included side aisles, both on the north and south, above which rose the nave, with a range of clerestory windows. Perhaps the first change in its form was produced by the erection of the Shrewsbury Chapel, which now forms the south-east angle of the building. Since that period there have been many changes and many re-edifications, till nothing remains of the original fabric except the massy pillars that support the tower, and the whole has assumed a form which never belonged...
Pàgina xxxv - Gules, on a bend between six cross crosslets fitchy, argent, an escutcheon or, charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced through the mouth with an arrow, within a double tressure, flory counter-flory...
Pàgina xiii - Kirksted unum managium in territorio de Kymberworth ad domos suas et ortum et quatuor forgias faciendas ; duas scilicet ad quoquendum ferrum et duas ad fabricandam, quandocunque voluerint ! et mineram ad fodiendum per totum territorium ejusdem villse, quantum sufficit duabas ignibus, et mortuum nemus de Kymberwyth quantum sufficit illis quatuor ignibus, et pasturam ad decem animalia, et quatuor equos, in communibus pascuis camporum eorum.
Pàgina liv - It is a large and commodious place of worship, capable of seating about 1300, and contains a large proportion of free sittings. On the first opening of this chapel, and for a considerable time afterwards, the congregation within exhibited an arrangement peculiar to early Methodism — the men and women seated on different sides — a regulation which, however commendable at the time, has long ago very properly given way CHAP.

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