The Slasher Movie Book

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Chicago Review Press, 2012 - 208 pagine

The slasher movie is the most reviled but successful of horror’s subgenres. Taking its cue from Hitchcock, grind-house movies, and the gory Italian giallo thrillers of the 1970s, slasher movies brought a new high in cinematic violence and suspense to mainstream cinema. For six bloody years (1978–1984)—the “golden age” of slashers—cinema screens and video stores were stalked by homicidal maniacs with murder and mayhem on their minds.

The Slasher Movie Book details the subgenre’s surprising beginnings, revels in its g(l)ory days, and discusses its recent resurgence. Packed with reviews of the best (and worst) slasher movies and illustrated with an extensive collection of distinctive and often graphic color poster artwork from around the world, this book also looks at the political, cultural, and social influences on the slasher movie and its own effect on other film genres.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2012)

J. A. Kerswell fell in love with the slasher movie after watching Halloween II (1981) at an impressionable age. It’s a love he’s been unable to shake through the best and very worst the subgenre has had to offer. Founder of the slasher movie website Hysteria Lives! (, which has been reporting on “slasher trash with panache” for over a decade, he knows more about the slasher movie than anyone should.

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