The Social Context of the Mau Mau Movement in Kenya (1952-1960)

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University Press of America, 2006 - 148 стор.
The Social Context of the Mau Mau Movement in Kenya (1952-1960) explores the social aspects of the Mau Mau Movement, which have been relatively unexamined in scholarly studies of the movement. This work situates the Mau Mau in the context of "Social Movement" literature; and more importantly, blends theory and practice through the use of first-hand narrative from Muigai Kanyua, a fighter in the Mau Mau forest for at least three years. Muigai Kanyua describes the need for strong social networks, trust, faith, and determination in the community and how the Mau Mau provided this courage and perseverance. Through detailed research and Kanyua's narrative, author Kinuthia Macharia explores the social climate that united different clans and ethnic groups and sustained the Mau Mau Movement. The work also examines the role of women in the movement and combat, and the enduring relevance of the Mau Mau movement in Kenya's politics and economic development.

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What Makes Mau Mau a Social Movement
Gender Roles and the Contribution of Women in the Mau Mau Movement
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Kinuthia Macharia, a native of Kenya, is Professor of Sociology at American University and previously taught at Harvard University. He was honored with a Distinguished Faculty Award from American University in 2004. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of Social and Political Dynamics of the Urban Informal Economy in African Cities: Harare and Nairobi also from University Press of America. Professor Macharia is an active participant in academic conferences and forums on African and sociological issues and has contributed numerous articles to the scholarly discourse.

The late Muigai Kanyua was a member of the Muranga Mau Mau fighters in the Nyandarua forest ridges for nearly three years. He chronicled his experiences in his native tongue Kikuyu. Kinuthia Macharia translated Muigai Kanyua's narrative for inclusion in this work.

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