The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 19-20

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South Carolina Historical Society., 1918 - South Carolina

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Page 123 - Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt. Strenua nos exercet inertia : navibus atque Quadrigis petimus bene vivere. Quod petis hic est, Est Ulubris, animus si te non deficit aequus.
Page 93 - And moreover, they, the said AB and DE (she according to the custom of marriage, assuming the name of her husband) did, as a further confirmation thereof, then and there to these presents set their hands. And we whose names are also hereunto subscribed, being present at the solemnization of the said marriage and subscription, have, as witnesses thereto, set our hands, the day and year above written.
Page 95 - ... we bind ourselves and every of us, our and every of our heirs, executors, and administrators, in the whole and for the whole, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this twenty-seventh day of July, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.
Page 218 - ... with a son and heir. But the whole measure of her wrath was reserved for the obituary record, which, as usual, contained the apotheosis of some, it may be, very worthy, but certainly very insignificant individual, as in the present instance. " Died, at the house of his father, No. 2, East Cotton Row, where he had gone for the recovery of his health, on the 13th ult. aged 45, Nathaniel Lamb, Esq. hosier and glover, after a long and lingering illness, which he bore with the most heroic patience,...
Page 59 - On Friday last, arrived a Company of Comedians from Philadelphia." Ibid, Oct. 3, 1754. "At the NEW THEATRE, on Monday next, will be Performed by A Company of Comedians from London, A TRAGEDY, called the FAIR PENITENT. Tickets may be had of Mr. John Remington, and at the Printers. Price: State box, 50 sh. Front and Side Boxes 40 sh. Pitt 30 sh. and Gallery 20 sh.
Page 93 - Parents, their said proposals were allowed of by the said Meeting : Now these are to certify whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishing their said Intentions, this...
Page 203 - Extracts from the journal of Mrs. Ann Manigault, 1754-1781. With notes by Mabel L. Webber. SC HIST. MAG., XX (Jan.-Oct.) 57-63, 128-141, 204-212, 256-259. [1213 Salley, Alexander Samuel, jr. The introduction of rice culture into South Carolina. Columbia, SC : Printed for the Commission by the State co. 23 p. (SC hist. com. bul., no. 6) [1213a Salley, Alexander Samuel, jr.
Page 164 - ... the largest I ever saw was one about eight feet in length, weighing between eight and nine pounds. This monster was gliding into the house of Colonel Blake of Carolina ; and had certainly taken his abode there undiscovered, had not the domestic animals alarmed the family with their repeated outcries ; the hogs, dogs, and poultry united in their hatred to him, showing the greatest consternation, by erecting their bristles and feathers, and, expressing their wrath and indignation, surrounded him,...
Page 123 - For if reason and discretion, not a place that commands a prospect of the wide-extended sea, remove our cares ; they change their climate, not their disposition, who run beyond the sea : a busy idleness harasses us : by ships and by chariots we seek to live happily. What you seek is here [at home], is at Ulubrae, if a just temper of mind is not wanting to you.

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