The Space of Love

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Ringing Cedars Press LLC, 2008 - Nature - 236 pages
Book 3 of the remarkable Ringing Cedars Series - books that have sold over 10 million copies by word of mouth, translated into 20 languages - now in English.

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Anastasia--Book 8-1, "The New Civilization" by Vladimir Megre
Ringing Cedars Series
Book Review by Russ Michael
Book Review by Russ Michael - Oct. 11, 2009
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Russ Michael - -
Anastasia--Book 8-1, "The New Civilization" by Vladimir Megre instills wonderful new insights into how the Vedic glory of the past is about to morph our seeming worldwide chaotic 'end times' drama into a glorious Golden Age on Earth, now actively reawakening within the heart and soul of our entire Family of Man.
Anastasia, Vladimir Megre and their precocious son, Volodya each certainly play their own significant part in heralding and modelling our sudden ongoing transformation from a long-time artificial world of almost abject darkness back into Man's swiftly awakening natural world of light, love and immense renewed self-empowerment. Bless us all.
Vladimir discovers his growing Ver-Russ son, Volodya appears to be in deep trouble, as witnessed by himself, Grandfather and his beloved soulmate, Anastasia.
Always curious and wanting to understand everything going on about him in a life teeming with daily wonders, Volodya asks his loving Adept Grandfather why the small deep lake never freezes over during the such cold Siberian winters. Granfather revealed
because there is a very small, powerful radioative rock, small enough to fit in his hand, at the bottom of their crystal clear lake which keeps their lake from freezing...
Vladimir also discovers Grandfather had taught his beloved grandson the ability to hold his breath for a long time. Thus Volodya decided on his own to dive deep down to the lake bottom, aiming to retrieve the small radioactive rock.
He succeded in finding it and brought it up with him to the lakeshore not only to examine and study it firsthand, but mainly to demonstrate to any and all radioactive powers that Man is stronger than any element in nature...and now he stood on the lakeshore, telling his father to back off a little, and asking both he and his Grandfather to lay down flat on the ground for the radioactive power is building up strongly and swiftly and their just might be a sudden great explosion.
At that point Anastasia appears and calmly tells Volodya, the stone has used his own resistance to it to build up its own power raging greater and greater by the moment and he must open the palm of his hand--clutched tightly around it--ever so slightly so the radioavtive energy will then be gently released, a tiny bit at a time, until the radioactive stone is back to it's original normal state.
Volodya, tells his mama he knew exactly what the problem was, since his hand was hurting severly from the heat, and he was now calmly trying to think of what to do. He said he knew if he opened his hand suddenly there would be a great explosion.
Volodya immediately follows Anastasia's sage advice. He gradually releases all the the excessive radioactive energy and then dives back down into the lake to return the radioactive stone back to its own 'space of love.'
To Vladimir's great relief, Volodya came back up to the surface of the lake a long-waited 3 minutes later.
When he arrives on shore his father tells him how exposure to radioactive energy is really dangerous and--sadly now--people in the artificial world--he has come from--do not know how to dispose of their greatly accumulated radioative waste. Volodya who loves to solve problems, says instantly that he would then go ahead and 'think on it' and find the solution.
After a few moments of thought Volodya tells his papa the answer for radioactive disposal worldwide is to simply to 'deconcentrate' the now heavily accumulated mass of radioactive waste piles


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