The Spanish Tragedy: A Play

J.M. Dent, 1898 - 146 páginas

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Página 44 - The heavens are just, murder cannot be hid : Time is the author both of truth and right, And time will bring this treachery to light.
Página 80 - That leadeth from a guilty conscience Unto a forest of distrust and fear — A darksome place, and dangerous to pass : There shall you meet with melancholy thoughts, Whose baleful humours if you but uphold, It will conduct you to Despair and Death...
Página xii - Blood is a beggar," and so forth; and if you entreat him fair in a frosty morning, he will afford you whole Hamlets, I should say handfuls, of tragical speeches.
Página 40 - I did not slumber ; therefore 'twas no dream. No, no, it was some woman cried for help ; And here within this garden did she cry ; And in this garden must I rescue her. — But stay, what murd'rous spectacle is this ? A man hang'd up and all the murd'rers gone ! 10 And in my bower, to lay the guilt on me ! This place was made for pleasure, not for death.
Página 93 - If destiny thy miseries do ease, Then hast thou health, and happy shalt thou be; If destiny deny thee life, Hieronimo, Yet shalt thou be assured of a tomb; If neither, yet let this thy comfort be, Heaven covereth him that hath no burial.
Página 87 - Hecate there, the moon, Doth give consent to that is done in darkness. And all those stars that gaze upon her face, Are aglets on her sleeve, pins on her train : And those that should be powerful and divine, Do sleep in darkness when they most should shine.
Página 99 - What, not my son ? thou then a Fury art, , Sent from the empty kingdom of black night To summon me to make appearance Before grim Minos and just Rhadamanth, To plague Hieronimo that is remiss, And seeks not vengeance for Horatio's death.
Página 106 - Hieronimo, frequent my homely house, The Duke of Castile, Cyprian's ancient seat; And when thou wilt, use me, my son, and it: But here, before Prince Balthazar and me, Embrace each other, and be perfect friends.
Página xxv - Jeronimo" or "Andronicus" are the best plays yet, shall pass unexcepted at here, as a man whose judgment shows it is constant, and hath stood still these five and twenty or thirty years.
Página 99 - And all this sorrow riseth for thy son : And selfsame sorrow feel I for my son. Come in, old man, thou...

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