The Spiritual Evolution of a Mystic: As Directed by Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, Koot Hoomi, and Other Ascended Masters

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A mystic's account of her paranormal experiences, her guidance by ascended masters, and her years of research in an attempt to accept the non-rational.

The Spiritual Evolution of a Mystic, written in order to raise awareness, arose from directions given to author Renee Krushel by her masters. The ascended masters warn of cataclysmic times ahead if humanity does not change its consciousness from ego-driven to spiritually centered. In this text, Ms. Krushel takes a spiritual and intellectual journey covering more than forty years of her mystical experiences and demonstrating how that change was brought about in her life. She includes references from her studies in psychology, philosophy, science, metaphysics, and mythology.

Her experiences include messages and instructions from Ramana Maharshi, Koot Hoomi, Jesus, and other unidentified masters. She has also undergone out-of-body experiences, communication with the deceased, Samadhi, mystical marriage, initiations, and spontaneous memories of past lives. Like Robert Adams, the American self-realized master, she is a disciple of Ramana Maharshi. She shares all of the guidance and information given her by the great Hindu sage and other ascended masters with the hope that others too can make the journey from ego-driven to spiritual consciousness.

Become one of a growing number of enlightened evolutionaries by studying the words of the ascended masters in "The Spiritual Evolution of a Mystic"-a mystical journey through Renee Krushel's paranormal experiences.

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