The Standard Library of Natural History: Embracing Living Animals of Thw World and Living Races If Mankind, Volume 4

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University society, Incorporated, 1908 - Zoology

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Page 199 - During- the long period I have lived in India, in the capacity of a missionary, I have made, with the assistance of a native missionary, in all between two and three hundred converts of both sexes. Of this number two-thirds were pariahs, or beggars; and the rest were composed of sudras, vagrants, and outcasts of several tribes, who, being without resource, turned Christians, in order to form new connections, chiefly for the purpose of marriage, or with some other interested views.
Page 26 - ... The Malay is of short stature, brown-skinned, straight-haired, beardless, and smooth-bodied. The Papuan is taller, is black-skinned, frizzly-haired, bearded, and hairy-bodied. The former is broad-faced, has a small nose, and flat eyebrows ; the latter is long-faced, has a large and prominent nose, and projecting eyebrows. The Malay is bashful, cold, undemonstrative, and quiet ; the Papuan is bold, impetuous, excitable, and noisy. The former is grave and seldom laughs ; the latter is joyous and...
Page 200 - In heaven, where our friends dwell in bliss, — having left behind the infirmities of the body, free from lameness, free from crookedness of limb, — there let us behold our parents and our children.' ' May the watershedding spirits bear thee upwards, cooling thee with their swift motion through the air, and sprinkling thee with dew.
Page 94 - Orang-utan" (Wild men) as the Malays often call them, than any other white man, describes those of the Plus River valley as "like African Negroes seen through the reverse end of a field-glass. They are sooty-black in colour; their hair is short and woolly, clinging to the scalp in little crisp curls ; their noses are flat, their lips protrude, and their features are those of the pure negroid type. They are sturdily built and well set upon their legs, but in stature little better than dwarfs. They...
Page 153 - The men are about the middle height, broadchested, broad-shouldered, 'thick-set,' very strongly built, the arms and legs short, thick, and muscular, the hands and feet large. The bodies, and specially the limbs, of many are covered with short bristly hair. I have seen two boys whose backs are covered with fur as fine and soft as that of a cat.
Page 199 - For my part, I cannot boast of my successes in this holy career, during a period of twenty-five years that I have laboured to promote the interests of the Christian religion. The restraints and privations under which I have lived, by conforming myself to the usages of the country, embracing, in many respects, the prejudices of the natives, living like them, and becoming almost a Hindoo myself; in short, by ' being made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some ' — all this has...
Page 80 - Be good enough to blow up the fire," or to light the lamp (a bamboo filled with resin) , then his hopes are at an end, as that is the usual form of dismissal. Of course if this kind of nocturnal visit is frequently repeated, the parents do not fail to discover it, although it is a point of honour among them to take no notice of their visitor, and if they approve of him matters take their course, but if not, they use their influence with their daughter to ensure the utterance of the fatal
Page 79 - If, when awoke, the young lady arises and accepts the prepared betel-nut, happy is the lover, for his suit is in a fair way to prosper, but if, on the other hand, she rises and says, " Be good enough to blow up the fire...
Page 200 - It is the belief in the existence of souls or spirits, of which only the powerful — those on which man feels himself dependent, and before which he stands in awe — acquire the rank of divine beings, and become objects of worship.
Page 202 - Europe at this day. Women enjoyed a high position ; and some of the most beautiful hymns were composed by ladies and queens. Marriage was held sacred. Husband and wife were both ' rulers of the house ' (dampati) ; and drew near to the gods together in prayer. The burning of widows on their husbands...

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