The Stenographer's and Correspondent's Handbook: A Reference Work on Stenographic and Typewriting Methods, Business Correspondence, Diction, Modern Office Practice, Postal Information, and Allied Subjects

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International textbook Company, 1910 - Počet stran: 422

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Strana 395 - SQUARE MEASURE 144 square inches (sq. in.) = 1 square foot (sq. ft.) 9 square feet — 1 square yard (sq. yd.) 30^ square yards = 1 square rod (sq. rd.) 160 square rods = 1 acre (A.) 640 acres = 1 square mile (sq.
Strana 347 - State of my true and lawful attorney, for me and in my name...
Strana 4 - The Young Men's Christian Association and the Young Women's Christian Association are flourishing and effective organizations.
Strana 396 - Cubic Measure 1728 cubic inches (cu. in.) =1 cubic foot (cu. ft.) 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard (cu. yd.) 128 cubic feet = 1 cord (cd...
Strana 395 - Linear Measure 12 inches (in.) = 1 foot (ft.) 3 feet = 1 yard (yd.) 5£ yards = 1 rod (rd.) 320 rods = 1 mile (mi.) Cubic Measure 1728 cubic inches (cu.
Strana 259 - ... photographs, pictures, drawings, plans, maps, catalogues, prospectuses, announcements and notices of various kinds, whether printed, engraved, lithographed, or autographed and in general all impressions or reproductions obtained upon paper, parchment, or cardboard, by means of printing, engraving, lithographing, and autographing, or any other mechanical process easy to recognize, except the copying-press and the typewriter.
Strana 141 - Be simple, unaffected; be honest in your speaking and writing. Never use a long word where a short one will do as well.
Strana 247 - ... or when treated In such manner as will prevent the objectionable substances from being rubbed off or injuring persons handling the mails.
Strana 397 - TROY WEIGHT. 24 grains (gr.) 1 pennyweight (pwt.) 20 pennyweights, 1 ounce (oz.) 12 ounces ... 1 pound (Ib.) Troy weight is used in weighing gold, silver, precious stones, etc. APOTHECARIES
Strana 344 - Walters, his executors and administrators, shall and will not, at any time during the said term, let or demise, or in any manner dispose of, the hereby demised premises, or any part thereof, for all or any part of the term...

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