The Stormy Side of Theodocia

Front Cover, Sep 18, 2008 - 508 pages
LARGE PRINT EDITION!Theodocia McLean was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954. Theodocia was adopted twice and she wasn't told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday!The Stormy Side of Theodocia deals with the many traumas that she had in her childhood from 1954-1977 that lead up to and caused the illness called ‚DID‚. Theodocia was unaware of how the many traumas had really affected her, as she had pushed everything way down deep in order to be the best wife and the best mother that she could figure out how to be. When her son was in high school she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and in 1996 she was diagnosed as having DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder which used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder). In her upcoming book ‚Stormy Journey‚ you will meet the network of personalities that live inside her and who have actually saved her life. This book is written with the help of the network, but the actual writer is one of her alters, named ‚Stormy‚.

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