The Story of Durham: City of the New South

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Duke University Press, 1925 - Durham (N.C.) - 345 pages
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Page 95 - Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilest thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.
Page 325 - that the courses at this institution be arranged, first, with special reference to the training of preachers, teachers, lawyers and physicians, because these are most in the public eye, and by precept and example can do most to uplift mankind, and, second, to instruction in chemistry, economics and history, especially the lives of the
Page 10 - with snow, and nothing is to be seen upon the trees but icicles. All the people are hungry, yet have not a morsel of anything to eat, except a bitter kind of potato, that gives them the dry-gripes, and fills their whole body with loathsome ulcers, that stink, and are
Page 46 - whom you do not know, save by public rumor, as secretary of war, is, in fact, a major general; I give you my word for that. Have you any objection to any military officer you desire being present as a part of your personal staff?' I myself had my own officers near
Page 324 - observed how such utilization of a natural resource, which otherwise would run in waste to the sea and not remain and increase as a forest, both gives impetus to industrial life and provides a safe and enduring investment for capital. His ambition
Page 36 - if hostilities can be suspended as between the army of the Confederate government and the one I command; but I will aid you in all my power to contribute to the end you aim to reach, the termination of the existing war.
Page 16 - functions of uniting by matrimony. There were no poor laws nor paupers. Of the necessaries of life there were great plenty, but no luxuries. Those people had few wants, and fewer temptations to vice than those who lived in more refined society, though ignorant. They were more virtuous and more happy.
Page 9 - taken care to keep them in the same method and motion ever since. He believed God had formed many worlds before he formed this, but that those worlds either grew old and ruinous, or were destroyed for
Page 326 - that such a pension system is a just call which will secure a better grade of service, and that the men and women of these rural districts will amply respond to such assistance to them, not to mention our own Christian duty regardless of such results. Indeed,
Page 325 - that this institution secure for its officers, trustees, and faculty men of such outstanding character, ability, and vision as will insure its attaining and maintaining a place of real leadership in the educational world. He

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