The Struggle for Viability: Collectivism Through Blood Exchange

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Xlibris Corporation, 2002 - 340 pagine
His theory was that we´d be better off if we swapped blood with our neighbors. Alexander Bogdanov saw individualism as a major problem in the early Soviet Union, and thought socialist orientation could be improved by mutual transfusions. Of course, he studied blood transfusion as replacement for lost or defective blood, but also thought it brought about generalized rejuvenation and stimulation of the body. Complications like AIDS and hepatitis were unknown in 1907 when Bogdanov first expounded such notions. "The Struggle for Viability" is a translation of and commentary on Bogdanov´s 1927 book explaining his theories of blood transfusion, and the activity of his institute, the world´s first devoted entirely to blood transfusion. Although better known for his rivalry with Lenin and for his contributions to organizational science, Bogdanov was also a pioneer in Soviet medicine. This is the first time his medical works have appeared in English. Included are a biographical introduction and critique of Bogdanov´s theories, and a history of his institute to the present day.

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