The Study of Medicine, Volumen 2

Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1825

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Página 63 - is a disease that affects the whole system ; it affects the head, the trunk of the body, and the extremities ; it affects the circulation, the absorption, and the nervous system ; it affects the skin, the muscular fibres, and the membranes; it affects the body and likewise the mind.
Página 620 - Gout, moreover, is a far more complicated complaint than. rheumatism ; and hence there is no disease to which the human frame is subject that has led to such a variety of opinions, both in theory and practice, many of them directly contradictory to each other, as the gout . and I may add, there is no disease concerning the nature and treatment of which physicians are so little agreed...
Página 37 - And if it become once impregnated with a peculiar taint, it is wonderful to remark the tenacity with which it retains it, though often in a state of dormancy or inactivity for years, or even entire generations. For as every germ and fibre of every other part is formed and regenerated from the blood, there is no other part of the system that we can so well look to, as the seat of such taints, or the predisposing cause of the disorders I am now alluding to ; often corporeal, as gout, struma, phthisis...
Página 163 - ... yet it brings no fevers, though every one is well aware, that it would be almost certain death for an European to sleep, or even to remain after night-fall, under the shade of the lofty trees that cover the marsh, at so short a distance.
Página 102 - To seek protection in far distant skies ; But none they found. It seemed the general air, From pole to pole, from Atlas to the East, Was then at enmity with English blood...
Página 154 - The occurrences," says Dr. Halloran, " which preceded the epidemic of Barcelona in 1821, correspond with the old and recent observations on a similar subject in other countries ; it almost invariably happening that the yellow fever of Spain is preceded by unusual diseases of various form and force, more particularly by bilious remittent fevers, which are often so aggravated and malignant that physicians themselves do not venture to define the line of demarcation between them and the avowed epidemic.
Página 118 - Consisting of a single quartan with three paroxysms on the regular day of attack : the intervals being undisturbed, and of ordinary duration.
Página 54 - ... connected with it, the action of the heart and larger arteries .is increased, and continues so till it has had the effect of restoring the energy of the brain, of extending this...
Página 36 - Upon the whole, we cannot but regard the blood as, in many respects, the most important fluid in the animal machine ; from it all the solids are derived and nourished, and all the other fluids are secreted ; and it is hence the basis or common pabulum of every part. And as it is the source of general health, so it is also of general disease. In inflammation it takes a considerable share, and evinces a peculiar appearance. The miasms of...
Página 25 - There are some practitioners, anc of very high merit too, whose fingers are no more capable of catching the finer distinctions of the pulse, than the ears of other persons are the niceties of musical sounds. I suspect this was the case with Dr. Heberden, as it was also with the late Dr. Hunter ; of whom Mr. John Hunter observes, that, " though he was extremely accurate in most things, he could never feel that nice distinction in the pulse that many others did, and was ready to suspect more nicety...

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