The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Expanding Your Awareness Through Dreams and Daydreams

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iUniverse, Jan 14, 2000 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 268 pages

Dreams have fascinated mankind throughout the ages. Many books have been published about dream interpretation, but how can someone else decipher our dreams for us?

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Expanding Your Awareness Through Dreams and Daydreams, explores the idea that only the dreamer can unlock his or her dream messages, and that all of us can not only become lucid dreamers, but develop into conscious dreamers capable of working with the powers-that-be for personal growth, upliftment of others, and the Universe.

These provocative and entertaining stories ponder deep questions. Do we, as divine Souls, live twenty-four hours a day? Are our dream worlds part of the true spiritual reality, a place where we can live, learn, and grow while our bodies sleep? Has the Creator given us this capacity we call dreaming to provide us a way to explore the spiritual worlds, our interconnectedness, our omnipotence?

Joan M. Wolfe tells the dream stories that profoundly and favorably changed her thinking, her goals, her capacity to love, and her life. By putting focus on the dreaming process, you too may be able to similarly expand your awareness to bring deeper understanding and love into your life.

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About the author (2000)

Joan M. Wolfe lives amid wildlife on a mountain in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Blitz, and their two cats, Folly and Gypsy. She enjoys traveling and meeting people, gardening, flying, dancing, yoga, and Tai Chi. She is currently working on her next book and continues to study her dreams.

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