The Table of Illusion and Reality: The Master's Table

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AuthorHouse, 2000 - Fiction - 184 pages
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Have you ever looked in a mirror, your reflection strangely distorted, twisted as in a dream in the Hall of Mirrors?

* * *

Suddenly the Riddler of Life appears, his midnight black cape flowing and gloved hands outstretched towards you. See him before you? Your escort through the Hall of Mirrors. No ordinary place, this Hall of Mirrors reflects back your thoughts and consciousness in the journey of your soul.

On your journey you will encounter Dr. Kagan the Alchemist, Theophilos, and many others. In a startling and engaging tale these characters pose thought provoking questions about what is "Illusion" and what is "Reality."

Picture yourself transformed into the student, as riddles and teachings are imparted about seemingly opposite "science" and "faith."

In a sumptuous drawing room the book culminates with a gathering around a long mahogany table. Looming in front of you, the magnificent Sphinx roars and growls, the floor trembling beneath you. What if the Sphinx were to ask you a riddle? How to unite Science and Faith, Quantum Physics and Mysticism, East and West? How to reconcile the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of other faiths? How to link music with the orchestration of the universe?

The Riddler of Life has placed the keys in your hand, so it is up to you to use the correct key to open the door of light, to answer the riddle of the Sphinx in the journey of your soul.

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