The Tears of Welkait, Gonder and the Amhara People: The Contribution and Plight of the Amhara People in Ethiopian History and Civilization

Front Cover
Fitaye Assegu - Abetew
Beza F Assegu, Jan 15, 2021
TEARS OF WELKAIT is a riveting historical account of the atrocities committed by TPLF against the people of Welkait, Tsegede and Setit Humara. Born and raised in Gondar and having direct lineage from Welkait, Fitaye Assegu offers a captivating analysis on the regional conflict. He also presents a comprehensive historical account of Ethiopia's history and civilization from the Axumite Kingdom to the ousted TPLF regime. He presents an in-depth analysis of TPLF's illegal annexation of the two North Western Gondar districts of Setit Humara and Welkait/Tsegede to the Tigray region against the will of the people. He makes a resounding argument for righting the wrong perpetrated by TPLF to preserve Ethiopia as one nation with justice for all Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity.

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