The Tempest: A Comedy

Freemantle, 1901 - 106 Seiten
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Written around 1610 or 1611, The?Tempest is thought to be the?last play that Shakespeare wrote alone. Set on a remote island, the play tells the story of?Prospero, the banished Duke of Milan, and his?work with magical island?nymphs and fairies (including the island spirit Ariel who is only?visible to him) to conjure up illusions and storms to restore his?daughter Miranda to her rightful place in society. The storm brings?several people to the island, including the Prince of Naples,?Ferdinand, who immediately falls in love with Miranda. The play?touches on themes of magic, the soul and acting and includes one of?Shakespeare's most imaginative and confusing characters: Caliban, a?deranged island native.

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