The Temptation to Tango: Journeys of Intimacy and Desire

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Trafford Publishing, Mar 1, 2010 - Music
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You are invited to tango, the world's most sensual and intimate dance, through the stories and memoirs of two American tangueros. The Temptation to Tango: Journeys of Intimacy and Desire will take you where no other book on tango ever has. Short fictional pieces enter the world of tango through the dancer's eyes, heart, and skin; expository pieces provide background with lively accounts of tango's history and evolution, of personal experiences learning to tango, and of the pleasures and challenges of adding tango to our own lives. Alternating fiction and non-fiction the way we have is the only way to capture the multiple voices of tango. Ours is not a "how-to" manual or an historical treatise, but a tour of the erotic steam of crowded late night dance floors as well as the frightening challenges to body and heart.

The Temptation to Tango: Journeys of Intimacy and Desire is divided into four parts: "The Lure," "The Reality," "The Challenge" and "The Reward." First, we explore tango's romantic allure, mysterious origins, and exotic dark side. The first short story is about a Catholic priest whose hidden life of tango is exposed. Next, we focus on why tango is so hard to learn; the stresses on the body and inner-world of emotion. We investigate the cultural issues around dominance and submission. Six more short stories tell tales of couples and singles who take-on the tango with very different goals and results. Even after mastery of the dance, challenges abound: the tango scene and how to fit into it, the intimacy factor and how far to take it, and the impact on established relationships. What one can get from persevering along the arduous tango trail is sensual and emotional fulfillment, rewards frequently lacking in our society.

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