The Texan Emigrant: Being a Narration of the Adventures of the Author in Texas, and a Description of the Soil, Climate, Productions, Minerals, Towns, Bays, Harbors, Rivers, Institutions, and Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants of that Country : Together with the Principal Incidents of Fifteen Years Revolution in Mexico : and Embracing a Condensed Statement of Interesting Events in Texas, from the First European Settlement in 1692, Down to the Year 1840

G. Conclin, 1840 - 367 sider
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Side 221 - And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him ; and he became a captain over them : and there were with him about four hundred men.
Side 364 - Each bond shall be signed by the president and countersigned by the secretary of the sanitary board, and said bonds shall be numbered consecutively beginning with No.
Side 278 - WHEREAS General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and other military chieftains have, by force of arms, overthrown the federal institutions of Mexico, and dissolved the social compact which existed between Texas and the other members of the Mexican Confederacy : now, the good People of Texas, availing themselves of their natural rights, SOLEMNLY DECLARE— 1st.
Side 352 - Such a disposition will be cheerfully met in a corresponding spirit by this Government. If the answer which the undersigned has been directed to give to the proposition of General Hunt should unfortunately work such a change in the sentiments of that Government as to induce an attempt to extend commercial relations elsewhere, upon terms prejudicial to the United States, this Government will be consoled by a consciousness of the rectitude of its intentions, and a certainty that although the hazard...
Side 351 - Hunt were to be even reserved for future consideration, as this would imply a disposition on our part to espouse the quarrel of Texas with Mexico, — a disposition wholly at variance with the spirit of the treaty, with the uniform policy and the obvious welfare of the United States.
Side 278 - That they have taken up arms in defence of their Rights and Liberties, which were threatened by the encroachments of military despots, and in defence of the Republican Principles of the Federal Constitution of Mexico of eighteen hundred and twenty-four.
Side 360 - On the other hand, the interests of the United States are numerous and greatly diversified ; and it is presumed that it was found necessary to establish such a foreign policy as would best reconcile them and redound to the advantage of each. " With the most rigid adherence to whatever is just and right, the Government of Texas will naturally pursue such a course of policy, foreign and domestic, as will best conduce to the increase of her wealth and population, and thereby her national power and consideration....
Side 354 - Texas would be brought to a speedy and favorable issue, that he tendered the office of Governor of the Territory of Texas to the late Governor HG Burton, of North Carolina, to be entered upon so soon as the treaty of cession should be completed. (See a publication on the subject of Governor Burton's appointment.) The same principles, it appears to the undersigned, were involved in the negotiation for the acquisition of Texas from Mexico, previously to the recognition of the independence of the latter...
Side 56 - And what is a conqueror ? Have not you, too, gone about the earth like an evil genius, blasting the fair fruits of peace and industry ; plundering, ravaging, killing, without law, without justice, merely to gratify an insatiable lust for dominion ? All that I have done to a single district with a hundred followers, you have done to whole nations with a hundred thousand. If I have stripped individuals, you have ruined kings and princes. If I have burned a few hamlets, you have desolated the most flourishing...
Side 323 - Chance will not do the work. Chance sends the breeze; But if the pilot slumber at the helm, The very wind that wafts us towards the port May dash us on the shelves. The steersman's part is vigilance, Blow it or rough or smooth. Old Play.

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