The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion

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The Society, 1926
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Strana 29 - What number of other dissenters are resident in such parishes, which either obstinately refuse or wholly absent themselves from the communion of the Church of England at such times as by law they are required...
Strana 10 - And wi' the lave ilk merry morn Could rank my rig and lass, Still shearing, and clearing The tither stocked raw, Wi' claivers, an' haivers, Wearing the day awa : Ev'n then a wish, (I mind its power,) A wish that to my latest hour Shall strongly heave my breast ; That I for poor auld Scotland's sake, Some usefu' plan, or beuk could make, Or sing a sang at least.
Strana 30 - ... the bishops) that forthwith upon receipt hereof you send letters both to your archdeacons and commissaries within your respective dioceses, willing and straitly charging them that, as well by conference with the ministers as churchwardens of each parish within their jurisdiction, or such others as may best give them the most punctual satisfaction, they particularly inform themselves as to the several points and queries...
Strana 13 - All nations have their message from on high, Each the messiah of some central thought, For the fulfilment and delight of Man : One has to teach that labor is divine ; Another Freedom ; and another Mind ; And all, that God is open-eyed and just, The happy centre and calm heart of all.
Strana 105 - And it was Resolved, That a Conference be desired with the Lords, concerning the danger the nation is in by the growth of popery, and for providing remedies to prevent the same.
Strana 4 - Cynan, prince of Wales, about the year 1100, with some of the most ancient pieces of the Britons, supposed to have been handed down to us from the ancient...

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