The Transcendental Diver Cookbook

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2002 - Cooking - 168 pages

Divers and Fisherman from all walks of life wave their magic wands over seafood. France, with their butter and cream and wine to form a luxury's product to tantalizes the palette Italy with tomatoes, herbs, and garden vegetables. Africa inspires a gumbo, with its traditional and ceremonially over tones. Orient with its exotic seasonings and history. Caribbean with its New World and Old World inspirations with the features of the islands fruits, Mexico, with its simple ingredient to express its potential. Southern Florida, a blend of New World and Old World to form its own taste that inspires to be creative with the local and imported seafood. There is no secret in cooking all there is, to have a true understanding of your ingredients. When the proper proportions of seafood and ingredients are combined in the proper sequence your product can be magical in all aspects of flavor, appearance, and presentation. The only secret to cooking your seafood is to meet it potential. In this book I reveal these secrets that will take the mystery out of cooking from the inexperienced to the experienced person. This book will bring out the creative chef within you by understanding the proper format of cooking. When you go diving, fishing or, shopping and decide what you or your friends want to eat you can adapt to what ever you have found and express it at the diner table.

The original intention of this book is to use a sequential method of approach in application of ingredients. Which in turn let the user to develop a technique in cooking.

Which is listed in the beginning of the book with the use of spices, herbs, and measurement conversions. That gives the ability to be creative in their own right, also a note section for writing your notes. My intentions are not to change your diet restriction, it is to make you aware that there is endless possibilities of preparing good healthy food. Just following a sequential method by using this method you bring out the best of the ingredients. In your final product and it take the mystery out of cooking.

While writing this book I have had encouragement from friends, family, and customers. Which is a reflection of Old World training, which enabled me to use the New World ingredients to formulate a common denominator, in which is the sequential approach to make the variations of sauces that will complement your fish, seafood, poultry, pasta, vegetables, and rice. With this sequential approach you can be creative in your cooking and also you become efficient in food preparation. Time is an important issue so you can make the best of it; I have listed with all the recipes' preparation time and yield, which is a guide. The note section is for you to list ideas and variation.

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