The Unions' and parish officers' year-book [afterw.] The Union, parish, and board of health officers' pocket almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government officers' almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government directory, almanac and guide

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Page 4 - Alfred Ernest Albert, born Aug. 6, 1844. Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25, 1846. Louisa Caroline Alberta, born March 18, 1848. Arthur William Patrick Albert, born May 1, 1850. Leopold George Duncan Albert, born April 7, 1853.
Page 160 - Every officer and assistant, to be appointed under this order, shall be appointed by a majority of the guardians present at a meeting of the board, consisting of more than three guardians, or by three guardians if no more be present. Every such appointment shall, as soon as the same has been made, be reported to the commissioners by the clerk.
Page 165 - When any officer may die, resign, or become legally disqualified to perform the duties of his office, the Guardians shall, as soon as conveniently may be after such death, resignation, or disqualification, give notice thereof to the Commissioners, and proceed to make a new appointment to the office so vacant in the nrmner prescribed by the above Regulations.
Page 164 - If any master and matron hereafter appointed be husband and wife, and one of them should be dismissed by order of the commissioners, or should otherwise vacate his or her office, or should die, the other or survivor shall, at the expiration of the then current quarter, cease to hold his or her office of master or matron, as the case may be.
Page 219 - Quarter- Sessions of the Peace by law ought to be held, shall hold their general Quarter Sessions of the Peace in the first week after the llth of October, in the first week after the 28th of December, in the first week after the 31st of March, and in the first week after the 24th of June.
Page 172 - ... any negligence or other misconduct on the part of any of the subordinate officers, or servants of the establishment ; and generally to observe and fulfil all lawful orders and directions of the guardians suitable to his office.
Page 189 - For the purposes of this act, 1. any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; 2.
Page 174 - No. 3. In any case of sickness or accident requiring relief by medical attendance, to procure such attendance by giving an order on the district medical officer, or by such other means as the urgency of the case may require. No. 4. To ascertain from time to time from the district medical officer, the names of any poor persons whom such medical officer may have attended or supplied with medicines, without having received an order from himself to that effect. No. 5. In every case of a poor person receiving...
Page 164 - ... shall, in case of every such suspension, forthwith report the same, together with the cause thereof, to the...
Page 175 - ... the relief of all paupers within his district, to the amount and in the manner in which, he may have been lawfully ordered by the guardians to pay or administer the same. No 11. To visit, relieve, and otherwise attend to non-settled poor, being within his district, according to the directions of the guardians, whose officer he is, and in no other way, subject always to the obligation imposed on him in cases of sudden or urgent necessity. No. 12. To set apart one or more pages in his out-door...

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