The United States Army and Organized Militia Today

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1911 - Počet stran: 18
The author argues that the United States should have an Army that is as well organized, funded and equipped as the excellent Navy of the day, or do away with it altogether.

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Strana 18 - Convinced as I am, that a government is the murderer of its , citizens, which sends them to the field uninformed and untaught, where they are to meet men of the same age and strength, mechanized by education and discipline for battle...
Strana 15 - No compilation has ever been prepared by this [the War] Department from which even an approximately accurate statement can be made concerning the number of troops in the Confederate Army, and it is impracticable to make such a compilation because of the incompleteness of the collection of Confederate records in possession of the Department.
Strana 5 - ... guns, carriages, and ammunition constitutes a grave menace to the public safety In case of war. Ordinary prudence would seem to dictate that the appropriations, especially for those field artillery guns, carriages, and ammunition, should be very greatly Increased.
Strana 5 - See Hearings before the Committee on Military Affairs of the House of Representatives on S. 796, 78th Cong., 1st Sess., 25-26. "The War Labor Board was set up to deal with industrial relations. While this Board may not have a perfect record, it has a very good record to its credit, particularly when we consider the great problems it must deal with.
Strana 5 - ... material provided for to date is proportionately less than that of any other class of fighting equipment. The types needed have been developed and some of each are under manufacture, but the appropriations do not permit of the production of any considerable quantity. In the view of the Chief of Staff this shortage of field-artillery material is the most serious feature of the present military situation and one that should be immediately corrected.
Strana 15 - Aug. 22, 1898. 52. List of volunteer organizations which left the United States for service in Cuba or Puerto Rico between August 12, 1898, and July 4, 1902, as found in statistical exhibit of strength of volunteer forces called into service during the War with Spain issued by The Adjutant General's office in 1899.
Strana 15 - Memorandum relative to the probable number and ages of Army and Navy survivors of the Civil War, p. 4 (published by the Military Secretary's office, May 15, 1905) ; Reply of the Military Secretary, dated Aug.
Strana 1 - ... they are engaged. Large as these appropriations have been, these people are now telling us that they are wholly inadequate and that this country today is quite unprepared for war. If they are to be believed the army is almost hopelessly behind the times. The United States, they say, should either have an army, which, for its size, is as well organized and equipped as any other army in the world, or else we should do away with the army altogether. We lack men to man our defenses and lack ammunition...
Strana 3 - THE RUSSIAN ARMY AND THE JAPANESE WAR. By General KUROPATKIN. Translated by Captain AB LINDSAY. Edited by Major ED SWINTON, DSO, RE With Maps and Illustrations.
Strana 5 - Once a state of war exists with a first-class power there will be no opportunity to buy the material abroad or time to manufacture It at home, even If all available plants in this country were running at the maximum capacity, without such delay as would be fatal to our hopes of success. This shortage of field artillery material is the most serious feature of the present military situation, and one which should be Immediately corrected.

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