The United States, Vietnam, and Our Abusers/Monsters/Traitors: Also, Secrets That the American Government Has Concealed Since the Vietnam War

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Xlibris Corporation, Jul 12, 2010 - Biography & Autobiography

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Charlie, I read the preview and if I didn't know better I might say this guy is exaggerating or making stuff up. I was at Phu Loi, Mar 68 to April 69 and experienced many of the situations exactly as you described. There are many incidents that I didn't get to share especially the night life in Saigon although I did get to go there once. Think our LT had some mercy on us and let a couple of us deliver an envelope. He said go to a hotel get a steak have some Saigon tea just get your asses back here before dark. OF COURSE, as soon as went dropped off the envelope we made it to a bar on or near Tu Do street. Started to get hammered, played touchy feely but we wanted that $2 steak. Cant remember the hotel name but we got there. Mama son didn't want to let us leave. We promised to come back and to show how wild and F uped we were , we left all our gear with the girls. Somehow we were able to drive back and actually found the bar. We stayed past both curfews and each girl took us home. They got us all back together the next morning. Thanks B girls.
Your accounts are real and it reminds me of all the crazy things you did or saw. some things were ugly. Most of all you touched upon the most important lesson of Vietnam. Hey, we all have stories and different experiences but we all have one story in common. WE Were Screwed by our politicians. They disrupted life if you weren't in college, got tossed into a place where no body really cared nor did anyone care about you. Rotated you out to spend more time on some installation with all VN vets. You finally get discharged and told to go back and assimilate but you were on the outside looking in. Thanks for the stories. We are the only ones who can understand.


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