The Universal Magazine, כרך 4

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עמוד 216 - I would not enter on my list of friends (Though graced with polished manners and fine sense, Yet wanting sensibility) the man Who needlessly sets foot upon a worm.
עמוד 216 - Sacred to neatness and repose, th' alcove, The chamber, or refectory, may die : A necessary act incurs no blame. Not so, when held within their proper bounds, And guiltless of offence, they range the air, Or take their pastime in the spacious field : There they are privileged.
עמוד 333 - curb the fiery steed, Nor cause confusion, nor the ranks exceed : Before the rest let none too rashly ride ; No strength nor skill, but just in time, be tried : The charge once made, no warrior turn the rein, But fight, or fall ; a firm embodied train.
עמוד 216 - No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it; as thus: Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth...
עמוד 216 - The sum is this : If man's convenience, health, Or safety, interfere, his rights and claims Are paramount, and must extinguish theirs. Else they are all, the meanest things that are, As free to live and to enjoy that life As God was free to form them at the first, Who in his sovereign wisdom made them all.
עמוד 326 - Tis true! But yet this Chair, which here you see, (For all its quiet now, and gravity) Has wandered, and has travelled more Than ever beast, or fish, or bird, or ever tree, before!
עמוד 562 - Margarita had begun in a very gallant manner to fire upon their rear, and was soon joined by the Phoenix. A little before noon, the French finding an action unavoidable, began to take in their small sails, and form in a line, bearing on the starboard tack; we did the same; and I communicated my intentions, by hailing to the captains, "that I should attack the centre and rear...
עמוד 326 - What dull men are those who tarry at home, When abroad they might wantonly roam And gain such experience, and spy too Such countries and wonders as I do ! But prithee, good Pilot ! take heed what you do, And fail not to touch at Peru.
עמוד 327 - As a reward for all her labour past, Is made the seat of rest at last. Let the case now quite alter'd be, And as thou went'st abroad the World to see ; Let the World now come to see thee. The World will do't ; for Curiosity Does no less than devotion, Pilgrims make ; And I my self who now love quiet too, As much...
עמוד 505 - ... leans upon under the skirts of his coat usually, that it may imperceptibly serve him as a support, when attacked by sudden tremors or...

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