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Page 369 - I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that at 5 o'clock PM on the 6th of August last, in latitude 24 44...
Page 232 - And, father cardinal, I have heard you say, That we shall see and know our friends in heaven: If that be true, I shall see my boy again; For, since the birth of Cain, the first male child, To him that did but yesterday suspire, There was not such a gracious creature born.
Page 511 - Though the whole loosen'd Spring around her blows '• Her sympathizing lover takes his stand High on th' opponent bank, and ceaseless sings The tedious time away ; or else supplies Her place a moment, while she sudden flits To pick the scanty meal. Th...
Page 86 - ... already been made by his order, and were in fact far advanced at the commencement of the action. The troops quitted their position about ten at night, with a degree of order that did them 'credit. The whole of the artillery that remained 'unembarked, having been withdrawn, the troops followed in the order prescribed, and marched to 'their respective points of embarkation in the town and neighbourhood of Corunna.
Page 34 - You equal Donne in the variety, multiplicity, and choice of thoughts; you excel him in the manner and the words. I read you both with the same admiration, but not with the same delight.
Page 511 - Plover wheels Her sounding Flight, and then directly on In long Excursion skims the level Lawn, To tempt him from her Nest. The...
Page 44 - twas not their vulgar pride Who, in their base contempt, the great deride; Nor pride in learning, — though my Clerk agreed, If fate should call him, Ashford might succeed; Nor pride in rustic skill, although we knew, None his superior, and his equals few : — But if that spirit in his soul had place, It was the jealous pride that shuns disgrace...
Page 9 - I shall never envy the honours which wit and learning obtain in any other cause, if I can be numbered among the writers who have given ardour to virtue, and confidence to truth.
Page 86 - The troops, though not unacquainted with the irreparable loss they had sustained, were not dismayed, but by the most determined bravery not only repelled every attempt of the Enemy to gain ground, but actually forced him to retire, although he had brought up fresh troops in support of those originally engaged. " The Enemy, finding himself foiled in every attempt to force the right of the position, endeavoured by numbers to turn it. A judicious and well-timed movement which was made by...
Page 86 - Upon the left, the enemy at first contented himself with an attack upon our picquets, which, however, in general maintained their ground. Finding, however, his efforts unavailing on the right and centre, he seemed determined to render the attack upon the left more serious: and had succeeded in obtaining possession of the' village through which the great road to Madrid passes, and which was situated in front of that part of the line. From this post, however, he was soon expelled with...

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