The Volunteer's Manual: Containing Full Instructions for the Recruit, in the Schools of the Soldier and Squad, with One Hundred Illustrations of the Different Positions in the Facings and Manual of Arms and the Loadings and Firings, Arranged According to Scott's System of Infantry Tactics, Part 1

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Page 16 - ... the head direct to the front, no matter on which side the guide may be ; and if found before or behind the alignment...
Page 11 - ... time two paces forward, shortening the last, so as to find himself about six inches behind the new alignment, which he ought never to pass: he will next move up steadily by steps of two or three inches, the hams extended, to the side of the man next to him on the alignment, so that, without deranging the head, the line of the eyes, or that of the shoulders, he may find himself in the exact line of his neighbor, whose elbow he will lightly touch without opening his own.
Page 22 - ... so as to clear the point of the wheel. The middle of the rank will bend slightly to the rear. As soon as the movement shall commence, the man who conducts the marching flank will cast his eyes on the ground over which he will have to pass.
Page 21 - At the word right, the recruit will turn the head gently, so as to bring the inner corner of the left eye in a line with the buttons of the coat, the eyes fixed on the line of the eyes of the men in, or supposed to be in, the same rank.
Page 45 - ... (Second motion.) Drop the piece with the right hand along the left thigh, seize it with the left hand above the right, and with the left hand let it...
Page 22 - ... the pivot man, instead of merely turning in his place, will conform himself to the movement of the marching flank, feel lightly the elbow of the next man, take steps of full nine inches, and thus gain ground...

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