The War Against the Church

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 96 من الصفحات
Virtually every Christian, whether (s)he realizes it or not, is in a spiritual battle; too often the church has left it up to the ministers and foreign missionaries to do battle with the unseen forces of evil. Yet, the church as a whole is enlisted in God's army as soldiers to do battle with these forces. While it is prudent when confronted with the demon possessed, to leave it up to those that are mature and anointed to handle the possessed; that does not exclude the "rank and file" Christians from being involved in this spiritual battle on a personal level. This conflict with the unseen forces of evil and the church is known as Spiritual Warfare .Spiritual Warfare is the battle for the mind of the Christian. The Christians however, are responsible to renew their minds by the Word of God, thus, focusing on God. From the introduction. James Blocker is the pastor and founder of the Maranatha Tabernacle, located in Queens, NY. As an itinerate Evangelist he has traveled extensively across the United States and to foreign countries. Pastor Blocker has held crusades in various parts of the country and also serves as an Overseer of the New Life Fellowship of churches. Pastor Blocker's education includes the College of New Rochelle where he received his undergrad degree, along with United Christian College. Pastor Blocker has appeared on TV as well as radio and in open forums in debates and discussions on matters concerning Christian doctrine. Pastor Blocker, reared in a "deliverance ministry" under the late Arturo Skinner, and has witnessed first hand exorcisms and has participated in deliverance services. He is the husband of Wandra, who assists him in ministry; they have three children and one grandson.

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