The Way! the Prophetic Messianic Voice to the Path of the Edenic Kingdom Redemption

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Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi, under the ancient prophetic Hebrew spirit, gives what might be the most comprehensive History, Theology, Anthropology and Spiritual-Prophetic teachings concerning the origins, evolutions and doctrines of Ancient Israelite culture and faith. Everything you thought you knew about the Plan of Yahwah or Israelite beliefs and practices, could very well be systematically unlearned if you pick up this book and read it. From the beginning of Eden and the development of the Eternal Covenants passed down from generation to generation, to the establishment of the Sacred Holy Days , to the lineage of Messiahs and the True New Covenant that your church and synagogue never told you about, to the missing link of the origins of the Ethnic Israelite peoples and their cultural practices, your eyes will stay wide open in amazement and intrigue as you take a touristic ride into what will feel like a whole new ancient world you never knew existed.

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28Prophetic Signs and Wonderswhen Spiritual Law Com plements Natural
Chapter 4The History and Ethnic Origins of the Hebrews
2General overview
8Aryan Definition and Deception
11Abraham the Jew or Yahudim?
12Definition of Yisraelites Israelite
15Historical Origins of the European Jews
4Yahwahs Elohim Council as opposed to Other Elohim
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