The Woman's Guide to the P.O.W.E.R. Self-Defense Lifestyle

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AuthorHouse, Feb 1, 2003 - Self-Help - 244 pages
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Robodick is another popular Krong The Watcher story.

A man is found murdered in his bedroom. His wife has a badly beaten face. The cops figure they have another classic killing by an abused wife. Then Eddy Dix, his girlfriend Roxie Russell, and Robodick, the robot crime fighting super sleuth, arrive at the crime scene. Robodick, who has the best nose in the universe about 100 times better than a pig's nose, which is better than a dog's nose uses his powerful sense of smell and insists the man was murdered by someone else, not by his wife. The cops don't believe him even though the wife insists she was beat up by her husband's ex-wife after the she killed her ex-husband then ran from the house.

The cops just won't believe a robot nose can smell out crime so quickly and so easily, but Eddy and Roxie do, and so do the Watchers who made Robodick.

Robodick has many incredible abilities and nine small, round or oval robot helpers who are stored in recesses in his body.

The cops won't listen to Eddy, Roxie, and Robodick. They refuse to believe that Robodick's nose can smell out crime, which means the dead man's innocent wife will be sent to jail for life if Eddy and Roxie fail to make the cops believe in Robodick and his super nose, his super talents, and his small robot super evidence gatherers!

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