The Work of the Agricultural Colleges in Training Teachers of Agriculture for Secondary Schools

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1915 - 216 strani
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Stran 41 - ... to be applied only to instruction in agriculture, the mechanic arts, the English language and the various branches of mathematical, physical, natural, and economic science, with special reference to their applications in the industries of life, and to...
Stran 46 - It is held that this language authorizes expenditures for instruction in the history of agriculture and industrial education, in methods of teaching agriculture, mechanic arts, and home economics, and also for special aid and supervision given to teachers actively engaged in teaching agriculture, mechanic arts, and home economics in public schools. It does not authorize expenditures for general courses in pedagogy, psychology, history of education, and methods of teaching.
Stran 91 - Intended for students who may contemplate engaging In educational work. Outlining of courses of study; arrangement of subjects In logical order; gathering of Illustrative material; selection of special laboratory apparatus; choice of text books and references; discussions of modern methods and their adaptation to the character of students engaged In agricultural work.
Stran 33 - In almost all of our States a teacher's certificate of any grade is good to teach in any part of the school system in which the teacher may be able to secure employment...
Stran 85 - The materials and methods suited to such a course in the high school will be fully discussed. The nature and amount of practical work needed in the course, including field trips and excursions, outdoor and laboratory exercises, will be considered in detail, together with the equipment for the same.
Stran 86 - A study of agricultural teaching in the high school, including its history, the teaching methods to be employed, and the equipment needed. A general consideration of the educational aims and values of the work and of the organization of the course is followed by a detailed study of materials and methods involved in the teaching of the various subjects of the agricultural courses; beginning agriculture, dairying, animal husbandry, horticulture, etc.
Stran 46 - All or a part of the funds provided by the act of March 4, 1907, may be used " for providing courses for the special preparation of instructors for teaching the elements of agriculture and mechanic arts.
Stran 21 - Those with only one or two teachers outnumber by a considerable figure all the rest. Those with one, two, or three teachers are ten times as frequent as those with ten or more teachers and five times as frequent as those with from five up to ten teachers.
Stran 8 - It is important, however, that properly trained men be obtained. Agriculture as a high-school science has not yet been developed into good pedagogical form, and until...
Stran 73 - ... and processes to be used in teaching. Of what shall this preparation consist ? The professional preparation of a teacher of agriculture in a high school, or other institution above the elementary school, should be approximately as follows: Psychology, with a special reference to adolescence, five or six hours; History of education, including especially the history of secondary and industrial education, four hours; Principles of education, five or six hours; Principles of general method and the...

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