The Works in Verse and Prose, of William Shenstone, Esq;: I. Elegies on several occasions. II. Odes, songs, ballads, &c. III. Levities, or pieces of humour. IV. Moral pieces

R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-mall., 1764 - 345 ページ

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183 ページ - To visit some far distant shrine, If he bear but a relique away, Is happy, nor heard to repine. Thus, widely remov'd from the fair, Where my vows, my devotion I owe ; Soft hope is the relique I bear, And my solace wherever I go.
184 ページ - I have found out a gift for my fair; I have found where the wood-pigeons breed; But let me that plunder forbear, She will say 'twas a barbarous deed...
178 ページ - Dawson ! monarch of my heart ! Think not thy death shall end our loves, For thou and I will never part. ' Yet might sweet mercy find a place, And bring relief to Jemmy's woes ; O George ! without a prayer for thee My orisons should never close.
188 ページ - She is faithless — and I am undone. Perhaps I was void of all thought ; Perhaps it was plain to foresee That a nymph so complete would be sought By a swain more engaging than me.
187 ページ - Tis his with mock passion to glow, Tis his in smooth tales to unfold, " How her face is as bright as the snow, And her bosom, be sure, is as cold. How the nightingales labour the strain, With the notes of his charmer to vie; How they vary their accents in vain, Repine at her triumphs, and die.
332 ページ - She sees no kind domestic visage near, And soon a flood of tears begins to flow And gives a loose at last to unavailing woe. But ah ! what pen his piteous plight may trace ? Or what device his loud laments explain? The form uncouth of his disguised face ? The pallid hue that dyes his looks amain ? The plenteous shower that does his cheek distain...
327 ページ - ... green, On which the tribe their gambols do display ; And at the door...
177 ページ - A brighter never trod the plain ; And well he lov'd one charming maid. And dearly was he lov'd again. One tender maid, she lov'd him dear, Of gentle blood the damsel came ; And faultless was her beauteous form, And spotless was her virgin fame. But curse on Party's...
331 ページ - Twill whifper in her ear, and all the fcene unfold. Lo now with ftate fhe utters the command ! Eftfoons the urchins to their tafks repair ; Their books of ftature fmall they take in hand, Which with pellucid horn fecured are ; To fave from finger wet the letters fair : The work fo gay, that on their back is feen, St. GEORGE'S high atchievements...
242 ページ - Suits and deferves the beauteous crown I wear. Let others prune the vine ; the genial bowl Shall crown thy table, and enlarge thy foul.