The Works of Alexander Hamilton: Miscellanies, 1789-1795: France; Duties on imports; National bank; Manufactures; Revenue circulars; Reports on claims, etc

J.F. Trow, Printer, 1850

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Página 577 - Equipments of vessels in the ports of the United States which are of a nature solely adapted to war are deemed unlawful...
Página 353 - ... office of discount and deposit of the! bank of the United States within that state, to*be collected, in case of refusal?
Página 472 - An Act supplementary to the Act making Provision for the Debt of the United States...
Página 71 - Except into the districts adjoining to the Dominion of Canada, or into the districts adjacent to Mexico, no merchandise of foreign growth or manufacture subject to the payment of duties shall be brought into the United States from any foreign port or place, or from any hovering vessel.
Página 5 - To justify and preserve their confidence; to promote the increasing respectability of the American name; to answer the calls of justice; to restore landed property to its due value; to furnish new resources both to agriculture and commerce; to cement more closely the union of the States; to add to their security against foreign attack; to establish public order on the basis of an upright and liberal policy — these are the great and invaluable ends to be secured by a proper and adequate provision...
Página 4 - This reflection derives additional strength from the nature of the debt of the United States. It was the price of liberty. The faith of America has been repeatedly pledged for it, and with solemnities that give peculiar force to the obligation. There is, indeed, reason to regret that it has not hitherto been kept; that the necessities of the war, conspiring with inexperience in the subjects of finance, produced direct infractions; and that the subsequent period has been a continued scene of negative...
Página 132 - It is to be considered that such a bank is not a mere matter of private property, but a political machine, of the greatest importance to the State.
Página 210 - The promoting of emigration from foreign countries. 5. The furnishing greater scope for the diversity of talents and dispositions which discriminate men from each other. 6. The affording a more ample and various field for enterprise. 7. The creating in some instances a new, and securing in all a more certain and steady demand for the surplus produce of the soil.
Página 413 - ... from the first day of January to the last day of December, which is the end of the year.
Página 468 - for raising a further sum of money for the protection of the frontiers, and for other purposes therein mentioned...

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