The Works of Alexander Pope: Letters

J. and P. Knapton, 1751

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Seite 111 - Parnell is in an ill state of health. " Pardon me if I add a word of advice in the poetical way.
Seite 8 - Catechism, as a kind of hint of the order of time in which they are to be taken. The old man then lay down...
Seite 98 - I look upon you as a spirit entered into another life ', as one just upon the edge of immortality; where the passions and affections must be much more exalted, and where you ought to despise all little views, and all mean retrospects. Nothing is worth your looking back ; and therefore look forward, and make (as you can) the world look after you. But take care that it be not with pity, but with esteem and admiration.
Seite 67 - I faid to you in mine about the Monument, was intended only to quicken, not to alarm you. It is not worth your while to know what I meant by it : but when I fee you, you mall.
Seite 180 - Horace their companion, though he had been in arms on the side of Brutus ; and allow me to remark, it was out of the suffering party too that they favoured and distinguished Virgil.
Seite 26 - ... radiations ; and when you have a mind to light it up, it affords you a very different scene. It is...
Seite 97 - ... our declining years, the drums and rattles of ambition, and the dirt and bubbles of avarice.
Seite 75 - Spencer ; and I will take care to make good in every respect what I said to him when living ; particularly as to the triplet he wrote for his own epitaph ; which, while we were in good terms, I promised him should never appear on his tomb while I was dean of Westminster.
Seite 97 - Christian all. You may now begin to think your manhood was too much a puerility; and you will never suffer your age to be but a second infancy.

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