The Works of Henry Fielding, Esq: With an Essay on His Life and Genius, Volume 5

Bickers and son, 1871

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Página 307 - Otways, and Lees? How would those harmonious lines of the last come from their tongues? • No more; for I disdain All pomp when thou art by — far be the noise Of kings and crowns from us, whose gentle souls Our kinder fates have steer'd another way.
Página 197 - I would have thee know, friend " (addressing himself to Adams), " I shall not learn my duty from such as thee. I know what charity is, better than to give to vagabonds.
Página 336 - The laws of this land are not so vulgar to permit a mean fellow to contend with one of your ladyship's fortune. We have one sure card, which is to carry him before Justice Frolick, who, upon hearing your ladyship's name, will commit him without any farther questions.
Página 13 - ... where characters and sentiments are perfectly natural, no more constitutes the burlesque. than an empty pomp and dignity of words, where everything else is mean and low, can entitle any performance to the appellation of the true sublime. And I apprehend, my Lord Shaftesbury's opinion of mere burlesque agrees with mine, when he asserts, "There is no such thing to be found in the writings of the ancients.
Página 222 - Are not the characters then taken from life ?" To which I answer in the affirmative ; nay, I believe I might aver, that I have writ little more than I have seen. The lawyer is not only alive, but hath been so these 4000 years ; and I hope God will indulge his life as many yet to come.
Página 423 - And sure no one will contend that the epistolary style is in general the most proper to a novelist, or that it hath been used by the best writers of this kind.
Página 11 - ... kind of writing, which I do not remember to have seen hitherto attempted in our language.
Página 96 - Earth, still as thou did'st not believe every thing in the true Orthodox manner, thy want of Faith shall condemn thee? Or on the other side, can any Doctrine have a more pernicious Influence on Society than a Persuasion, that it will be a good Plea for the Villain at the last day; Lord, it is true I never obeyed one of thy Commandments, yet punish me not, for I believe them all?' 'I suppose, Sir, said the Bookseller, 'your Sermons are of a different Kind.
Página 365 - G — required her at your hands, I fear you would reluctantly part with her. Now, believe me, no Christian ought so to set his heart on any person or thing in this world, but that, whenever it shall be required, or taken from him in any manner by divine Providence, he may be able, peaceably, quietly, and contentedly to resign it.
Página 322 - How can any man complain of hunger," said Peter, "in a "country where such excellent salads are to be gathered in almost every field? or of thirst, where every river and stream produces such delicious potations?

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