The Works of John Dryden,: The duke of Guise, a tragedy. Albion and Albanius, an opera. Don Sebastian, a tragedy

William Miller, Albemarle Street, 1808

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 168 頁 - He has often called me an atheist in print; I would believe more charitably of him, and that he only goes the broad way, because the other is too narrow for him.
第 121 頁 - Nor I, Sir, as I breathe ; " But hanging is a fine dry kind of death." — " We Trimmers are for holding all things even." — " Yes ; just like him that hung 'twixt hell and heaven.
第 339 頁 - Dignity with ease and complacency, the gentleman and soldier, look agreeably blended in him. Modesty marks every line and feature of his face. Those...
第 356 頁 - But observe how he defies him out of the classics in the following lines : Why didst thou not engage me man to man, And try the virtue of that Gorgon face To stare me into statue ? " Almeyda, at the same time, is more book-learned than Don Sebastian.
第 336 頁 - Is not the bread thou eat'st, the robe thou wear'st, Thy wealth, and honours, all the pure indulgence Of him thou wouldst destroy? And would his creature, nay, his friend, betray him ? Why then, no bond is left on...
第 415 頁 - Oh, whither would you drive me ! I must grant, Yes, I must grant, but with a swelling soul, Henriquez had your love with more desert : For you he fought and died ; I fought against you ; Through all the mazes of the bloody field Hunted your sacred life ; which that I missed, Was the propitious error of my fate, Not of my soul ; my soul's a regicide.
第 278 頁 - O that I had the fruitful heads of Hydra, That one might bourgeon where another fell! Still would I give thee work, still, still, thou tyrant, And hiss thee with the last " She afterwards, in allusion to Hercules, bids him ' lay down the lion's skin, and take the distaff;' and in the following speech utters her passion still more learnedly.
第 385 頁 - I shall conclude my remarks on his part with that poetical complaint of his being in love, and leave my reader to consider how prettily it would sound in the mouth of an emperor of Morocco. The god of love once more has shot his fires Into my soul, and my whole
第 168 頁 - ... the Old Devil, where he broke no ribs, because the hardness of the stairs could reach no bones; and, for my part, I do not wonder how he came to fall, for I have always known him heavy: the miracle is, how he got up again. I have heard of a sea captain as fat as he, who, to escape arrests, would lay himself flat upon the ground, and let the bailiffs carry him to prison, if they could. If a messenger or two, nay, we may put in three or four, should come, he has friendly advertisement how to escape...
第 409 頁 - Seb. As in a dream I see thee here, and scarce believe mine eyes. Dor. Is it so strange to find me where my wrongs, And your inhuman tyranny, have sent me ? Think not you dream : or, if you did, my injuries Shall call so loud, that lethargy should wake, And death should give you back to answer me. A thousand nights have...