The Works of Samuel Johnson, Količina 11

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Nichols, 1816

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Stran 134 - Then, Who would not grieve if such a man there be ? Who would not laugh if Addison were he ? At last it is, Who but must laugh if such a man there be ? Who would not weep if Atticus were he? He was at this time at open war with Lord
Stran 202 - ET INVIDIA MAJOR ANNOS HEV PAVCOS, XXXV. OB. FEB. XVI. MDCCXX. Statesman, yet friend to truth ! of soul sincere, In action faithful, and in honour clear ! Who broke no promise, serv'd no private end, Who gam'd no title, and who lost no friend; Ennobled by himself, by all approv'd,
Stran 90 - arms by fits thick flashes send; Loud neigh the coursers o'er their heaps of corn. And ardent warriors wait the rising morn. As when in stillness of the silent night, As when the moon in all her lustre bright; As when the moon, refulgent lamp of night, O'er Heaven's clear azure sheds her
Stran 211 - Foe to loud praise, and friend to learned ease, Content with science in the vale of peace. Calmly he look'd on either life, and here Saw nothing to regret, or there to fear; From Nature's temperate feast rose satisfy'd, Thank'd Heaven that he liv'd, and that he dy'd. * The
Stran 109 - almost all the letters of the alphabet (the " greatest part of them at random); but such was " the number of poets eminent in that art, that " some one or other took every letter to himself: " all fell into so violent a fury, that, for half a year " or more, the common newspapers (in most of
Stran 138 - of the Science of the World, and of Wit. " It will conclude with a satire against the Misap" plication of all these, exemplified ~by Pictures, " Characters, and Examples." This work in its full extent, being now afflicted with an asthma, and finding the powers of life gradually declining, he had no longer courage to
Stran 165 - and, however he might seem to lament his occupation, he followed it with constancy ; to make verses was his first labour, and to mend them was his last. From his attention to poetry he was never diverted. If conversation offered any thing that could be improved, he committed it to paper; if
Stran 10 - stock of Christianity had not been at " hand to provide them with materials ? What " other subject, through all art or nature, could " have produced Tindal for a profound author, or " furnished him with readers? It is the wise choice " of the subject that alone adorns and distinguishes
Stran 94 - 1 am obliged " to you, both for the favours you have done me, " and those you intend me. I distrust neither your " will nor your memory, when it is to do good; " and if I ever become troublesome or solicitous, it " must not be out of expectation, but out of
Stran 126 - as mine, but illustrated with a ray of your " own, as they say our natural body is the same still " when it is glorified. I am sure I like it better than ** I did before, and so will every man else. I know " I meant just what you explain ; but I did not ex

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