The Works of Soame Jenyns ...: Including Several Pieces Never Before Published. To which are Prefixed, Short Sketches of the History of the Author's Family, and Also of His Life, Հատոր 1

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T. Cadell, 1790 - 290 էջ

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Էջ 82 - Cum tot sustineas et tanta negotia solus, Res Italas armis tuteris, moribus ornes, Legibus emendes, in publica commoda peccem. Si longo sermone morer tua tempora, Caesar.
Էջ 10 - Oft .will the cobweb ornaments catch hold On the approaching button rough with gold, Nor force, nor art can then the bonds divide, When once th' intangled Gordian knot is ty'd.
Էջ 67 - Becaufe the fool would fain be thought a bite. Devoted thus to politics, and cards, Nor mirth, nor wine, nor women he regards. So far is ev'ry virtue from his heart, That not a gen'rous vice can claim a part...
Էջ 69 - This bribes the fool about him, that the knave. And now arriv'd at his meridian glory, He finks apace, defpis'd by Whig and Tory ; Of independence now he talks no more, Nor fhakes the fenate with his patriot roar, But filcnt votes, and with court-trappings hung, Eyes his own glitt'ring ftar, and holds his tongue.
Էջ 9 - O'er all the plains unnumber'd glories rife, And a new bright creation charms our eyes ; Till ZEPHYR breathes, then all at once decay The fplendid fcenes, their glories fade away, The fields refign the beauties not their own, And all their fnowy charms run trickling down. Dare I in fuch momentous points advife, I mould condemn the hoop's enormous fize, Of ills I fpeak by long experience found, Oft' have I trod th' immeafurable round, And mourn'd my fhins bruis'd black with many a wound.
Էջ 19 - An aitive body and ambitious mind, In nimble Rigadoons he may advance, Or in the Louvre's flow majeftic dance ; If thefe he fears to reach, with eafy pace Let him the Minuet's circling mazes trace : Is this too hard ? this too let him forbear, And to the country dance confine his care.
Էջ 60 - And new perfections, new delights beftow. Oh? would mankind but make thefe truths their guide, And force the helm from prejudice and pride, Were once thefe maxims fix'd, that God's our friend, Virtue our good, and happinefs our end, How foon muft reafon o'er the world prevail, And error, fraud, and fuperftition fail! None would hereafter then with groundlefc fear Defcribe th
Էջ 54 - Hence youth good-humour, frugal craft old-age, Warm politicians term it party-rage, True churchmen zeal right orthodox ; and hence Fools think it gravity, and wits pretence ; To conftancy alone fond lovers join it, And maids unafk'd to chaftity confine it. But have we then no law befides our will...
Էջ 73 - Breakfafts and auctions wear the morn away, Each evening gives an opera, or a play; Then Brag's eternal joys all night remain, And kindly ufher in the morn again. For love no time has fhe, or inclination, Yet muft coquet it for the fake of famion ; For this me liftens to each fop that's near, Th' embroider'd colonel flatters with a fneer, And the cropt enfign nuzzles in her ear.
Էջ 86 - Scriptor abhinc annos centum qui decidit inter Perfectos veteresque referri debet, an inter Viles atque novos? Excludat jurgia finis. Est vetus atque probus centum qui perficit annos.

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