The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, 第 16 卷

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1885

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第 99 頁 - I am sure that a man who, a hundred years hence should sit down to write the history of our time, would do wrong to put that great contemporary history of "Pickwick" aside as a frivolous work. It contains true character under false names; and, like "Roderick Random...
第 234 頁 - O awful, awful name of God ! Light unbearable ! Mystery unfathomable! Vastness immeasurable! Who are these who come forward to explain the mystery, and gaze unblinking into the depths of the light, and measure the immeasurable vastness to a hair ? O name, that God's people of old did fear to utter ! O light, that God's prophet would have perished had he seen ! who are these that are now so familiar with it?
第 187 頁 - The genius of Cervantes was transferred into the novels of Fielding, who painted the characters and ridiculed the follies of life with equal strength, humor, and propriety. The field of history and biography was cultivated by many writers of ability, among whom we distinguish the copious Guthrie, the circumstantial Ralph, the laborious Carte, the learned and elegant Robertson, and above all, the ingenious, penetrating, and comprehensive Hume,