The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Том 28

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779
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Страница 402 - tis plain, 'tis all already told ; And horned Ammon can no more unfold. From God derived, to God by nature join'd, We act the dictates of his mighty mind : And though the priests are mute, and temples still, God never wants a voice to speak his will. When first we from the teeming womb were brought, With inborn precepts then our souls were fraught, And then the Maker his new creatures taught.
Страница 231 - Thou know'st not I am he to whom 'tis given Never to want the care of watchful heaven. Obedient fortune waits my humble thrall, And, always ready, comes before I call. Let winds, and seas, loud wars at freedom wage, And waste upon themselves their empty rage ; A stronger, mightier dromon is thy friend, Thou and thy bark on Cesar's fate depend.
Страница 401 - Their will has been thy law, and thou hast kept it well. Fate bids thee now the noble thought improve ; Fate brings thee here to meet and talk with Jove. Inquire betimes what various chance shall come To impious Caesar and thy native Rome ; Try to avert, at least, thy country's doom.
Страница 310 - Bounds from the hill, and thunders down tlie vale; Old Pelion's caves the doubling roar return, And Oeta's rocks and groaning Pindus mourn; From pole to pole the tumult spreads afar; And the .world trembles at the distant war. Now flit the thrilling darts through liquid air, And various vows from various masters bear: Some...
Страница 215 - ... mercenary sword to sale. Nor, e'er before, so truly could he read What dangers strow those paths the mighty tread. Then, first he found, on what a faithless base Their nodding towers ambition's builders place: He who so late, a potent faction's head, Drew in the nations, and the legions led; Now stript of all, beheld in every hand The warriors' weapons at their own command ; Nor service now, nor safety they afford, But leave him single to his guardian sword. Nor is this rage the grumbling of...
Страница 238 - And rortune draws the great decision near; Sad Pompey's soul uneasy thoughts infest, And his Cornelia pains his anxious breast. To distant Le:,bos fain he would remove, Far from the war, the partner of his love.
Страница 415 - Where'er the liquid juices find a way There streams of blood, there crimson rivers stray ; His mouth and gushing nostrils pour a flood ; And ev'n the pores ooze out the trickling blood; In the red deluge all the parts lie...
Страница 343 - And fcorn his Anger's and his Mercy's Pow'r. "Still, when my Thoughts my former Days reftore, With Joy, methinks, I run thofe Regions o'er: There, much the better Parts of Life I prov'd, Rever'd by all, applauded, and...
Страница 401 - Where would thy fond, thy vain inquiry go? What mystic fate, what secret would'st thou know? Is it a doubt if death should be my doom, Rather than live till kings and bondage come, Rather than see a tyrant crown'd in Rome? Or would'st thou know if, what we value here, Life, be a trifle hardly worth our care? What by old age and length of days we gain, More than to lengthen out the sense of pain? Or if this world, with all its forces...
Страница 363 - He said; and, gathering in his garment, bore The glowing fragments to the neighbouring shore. There soon arrived, the noble trunk he found, Half wash'd into the flood, half resting on the ground. With diligence his hands a trench prepare, Fit it around, and place the body there. No cloven oaks in lofty order lie, To lift the great patrician to the sky : By chance a few poor planks were hard at hand, By some late shipwreck cast upon the strand; These pious Cordus gathers where they lay, And plants...