The Works of the English Poets: J. Philips, Smith, and Pomfret

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H. Hughs, 1779

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Страница 5 - Disastrous acts forebode. In his right hand Long scrolls of paper solemnly he waves, With characters and figures dire inscrib'd, Grievous to mortal eyes.
Страница 6 - The wasp insidious, and the buzzing drone, And butterfly proud of expanded wings Distinct with gold, entangled in her snares...
Страница 4 - Cadwallador and Arthur, kings Full famous in romantic tale) when he, O'er many a craggy hill and barren cliff, Upon a cargo of fam'd Cestrian cheese, High over-shadowing rides, with a design To vend his wares, or at th' Avonian mart, Or Maridunum, or the ancient town Yclep'd Brechinia, or where Vaga's stream Encircles Ariconium, fruitful soil!
Страница 7 - An horrid chasm disclose, with orifice Wide, discontinuous ; at which the winds Eurus and Auster, and the dreadful force Of Boreas, that congeals the Cronian waves, Tumultuous enter, with dire chilling blasts Portending agues.
Страница 63 - Hinds to exercise the pointed Steel On the hard Rock, and give a wheely Form To the expected Grinder: Now prepare Materials for thy Mill, a sturdy Post Cylindric, to support the Grinder's Weight Excessive, and a flexile Sallow' entrench'd, Rounding, capacious of the juicy Hord.
Страница 53 - Sylvan fhades, and filent groves, "(Haunt (Haunt of the Druids) whence the earth is fed With copious fuel ; whence the fturdy oak, A prince's refuge once, th...
Страница 289 - By great example to wise actions led : Much to the fame her lineal heroes bore She owes, but to her own high genius more; And, by a noble emulation mov'd, Excell'd their virtues, and her own improv'd ; Till they arriv'd to that celestial height, Scarce angels greater be, or saints so bright.
Страница 72 - s emblazon'd by the rosy dawn, Domestic cares awake them ; brisk they rise, Refresh'd, and lively with the joys that flow From amicable talk, and moderate cups Sweetly interchang'd.
Страница 214 - Near some obliging, modest fair to live : For there's that sweetness in a female mind Which in a man's we cannot hope to find...
Страница 51 - Traverse th' extremest world ? why tempt the rage Of the rough ocean ? when our native glebe Imparts, from bounteous womb, annual recruits Of wine delectable, that far surmounts Gallic, or Latin grapes, or those that see The setting sun near Calpe's towering height. Nor let the Rbodian, nor the Lesbian vines Vaunt their rich Must, nor let Tokay contend For sovereignty ; Phanaeus