The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volumen 41

Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Página 216 - If I would not give up the three Graces, I wish I were hang'd like a dog, And at court all the drawingroom faces, For a glance of my sweet Molly Mog.
Página 166 - To honest Bounce is bread and butter. While you, and every courtly fop, Fawn on the Devil for a chop, I've the humanity to hate A butcher, though he brings me meat...
Página 165 - WELCOME, thrice welcome to thy native place ! — What, touch me not ? what, shun a wife's embrace ? Have I for this thy tedious absence borne, And waked, and wish'd whole nights for thy return?
Página 211 - Coxcombs without number ! Moon and stars that shone so bright, To the torch and waxen light, And whole nights at ombre.
Página 165 - I see thee ramm'd, Or on the house-top by the monkey cramm'd, The piteous images renew my pain, And all thy dangers I weep o'er again.
Página 165 - Why start you ? are they snakes ? or have they claws ? Thy Christian seed, our mutual flesh and bone : Be kind at least to these ; they are thy own.
Página 220 - Churchwardens too prudent to hazard the halter, As yet only venture to steal from the altar. But now, to get gold, They may be more bold, And rob on the highway since Jonathan's cold : For Blueskin's sharp penknife hath set you at ease, And ev'ry man round me may rob, if he please. VI. Some by publick revenues, which pass'd thro...
Página 165 - And oft lift up thy holy eye and hand, Praying the Virgin dear, and saintly choir, Back to the port to bring thy bark entire.
Página 214 - twas my pride, 'Twas not my heart thy love deny'd, Come back, dear youth, again. As t'other day my hand he feiz'd, My blood with thrilling motion flew ; Sudden I put on looks difpleas'd, And hafty from his hold withdrew.
Página 215 - Nephew! Your Grief is but Folly, In Town you may find better Prog; Half a Crown there will get you a Molly, A Molly much better than Mog.

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